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No nation ever attained developed country status without a rich reservoir of talented and tutored people.
Well educated, well trained and cultured people are after all the hallmarks of all developed economies.

-Bode Zakari

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Who We Are

Bode Zakari Management Consultants (BZMC) is a training and management consultancy outfit with an established track record of applying hands-on and brains-on training techniques to specific capacity development needs of its clientele.

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What We Do

We offer structured and in-depth courses on a variety of Banking, Management and Business Information Technology topics using relevant technology and the latest adult training techniques and methodologies.

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Why Choose Us?

Our cutting edge training techniques will ensure that your personnel deliver efficient customer service, which is increasingly becoming the differentiating factor in the local and global commercial and financial services industries.

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Our Promise

Our Promise
  • To offer excellent, world class training to members of your organisation on and off site client premises.

  • To add to the growing body of world class experts in the specialists field of credit management and trade finance

  • To deliver cutting edge training services which gives team members the passion perfomance (service delivery) and power (knowledge) necessary for creating positive change and stakeholder value

  • To utilise current knowledge and relevant technology for maximum effect and impact

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