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Data Analysis

Course Preview

This course equips you to be data-driven financial professional by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML). We will start by demystifying data analytics, exploring data collection, cleaning and visualization techniques(like in the well-written accounting course example). Dive into the world of Big Data and discover the cutting-edge tools and technologies driving the future of finance. Learn how AI and machine learning are transforming the industry. From risk management and fraud detection to personalized financial services and smarter investment strategies.

Learning Outcome

  • i, grasp the fundamentals of data analytics and its roles in financial decision-making
  • ii, master essential data preparation techniques for effective analysis
  • iii, utilize data visualization tools to communicate insight with clarity
  • iv, understand the key technologies that power artificial intelligence
  • v, analyze the impact and benefits of AI in the banking and financial sector/li>
  • vi, apply machine learning concepts to financial data analysis and decision-making

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