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Micro and Macro Economics

Course Preview

Course Objectives

This course empowers you to understand the economic world around you! We will explore foundational concept into micro and macroeconomics, using clear language and relatable examples. whether you are refreshing your knowledge or starting out, this course is designed to make economics accessible and engaging.

Learning Outcomes

  • i, a solid grasp of microeconomics principles: Learn how individual decisions and market forces influence prices, production and consumer behavior. We will delve into cost analysis, demand and supply interactions and explore different market structures (competition, monopoly, etc.)
  • ii, An understanding of macroeconomics concepts: Discover how factors like economic growth, inflation, unemployment and international trade impact the overall economy. We will unpack the role of government policies like taxation and explore the dynamics of business cycles
  • iii, the ability to apply economic principles in everyday life: Gain the tool to analyze real-world economic situations, make informed decisions and participate more confidently in economic discussions

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